Canvas Portrait of Saree
Canvas Portrait of Saree

Canvas Portrait of Saree #sareetales

I am here again with one more story to share with you all, as I love talking to my admirers and I can’t express the joy I get sharing my stories with you all. For a while I have been thinking about which story of mine should I tell you today. Then I came across this fine portrait of mine.

So how do I look? Classy, right?
Well in this picture, I can be seen in form of a cotton canvas fabric. This version of mine is created by Pittora artisans. I have started loving these people. Just look at the hard work they are putting on me. Let’s discuss the story behind this look of mine.

One day while I was having my morning tea and reading the newspaper I got a
call from Pittora founders, they wanted to come to my place and share an idea they have. Considering my experience with them, I invited them over. On coming they thanked me for my time, well I must admit I like people who appreciate me.

They told me how they want to give me a modern look that is fashionable yet comfortable. I was not sure what exactly they wanted to make me. After all I am a celebrity and I can’t risk my popularity. So, I asked them to elaborate what precisely they will be doing. This is what they said; “Mam, we will transform you by using a new fabric, which is not yet considered appropriate for you- the Cotton Canvas Fabric” and I was like WHAT? Who is going to wear a saree made of canvas cloth? I wanted to reject this idea immediately but you know these Pittora people are very convincing, so they made me hear their whole concept. First, of all they showed me the fabric, “Soft” I murmured, then they asked me to feel it. Once I felt it I realised I can be so comfortable yet strong. “UNBELIVEABLE”.
I was now sure that this fabric could do wonders. Then I asked them what they would do to make the me appear likeable?

They informed me that since they are all into hand-block print, they will do a Sanganeri Pani-Jaal process all over and wanted to put Butti print on my Pallu.

Although I was not very sure about the print, but I gave my nod as I know these people are good at using different designs of Hand Block print on me. They then asked for my suggestion about the colour of this Me. Hmm, now finally, they want my assistance and certainly, I will not disappoint them. After thinking for a while I suggested them to make me in Colour Black as black is the colour of strength and power and who so ever will wear this form of mine should have the strength to go for the unusual. Beside Black make me look
They were amazed by my insights. I gave them the permission to fabricate me, and finally this new form of me got ready.

Pittora people sent photographer and got a picture clicked of me. So this was the story behind the first Cotton
canvas saree, later they made a lot of them. Next time I will bring you another such story about another such uniqueversion of me.