Different ways Sarees can be adorned in
Different ways Sarees can be adorned in

Different ways I am Adorned in #sareetales

Hi All!

How are you all lovely people?

I am here again with another interesting tale of mine. Are you excited? You better be, as this story is one of my favourites.

As you, all know I have a very long history, older than most of you can imagine. If you are aware about some part of my history than be with me in all my stories and those who are unaware about my history and existence than it is must for you to be with me and pay attention to my stories and read my earlier stories too.

Anyway, since I am very old and have existed in different areas, people of those areas have showed their love and affection towards me in form of different art forms, they used for decorating me. Although the list is very long, but I have selected a few for you otherwise you will get bored and I certainly don’t want to sound like one of those old boring grandmothers who bore others with their life stories. So, I am keeping it short and interesting. Okay.

Let us begin

Firstly, I would like to confess that all the designs and patterns that you find on me are my favourites, as if I would not have liked them you would not have loved them. However, the below list are the one which are a little more close to my heart because they made me loved even more.

  • Kalamkari or Hand Painted design – It is one of the oldest forms of decorating me. In this method you people have used kalam(pen) to paint beautiful designs on my body that made me look astonishing. These designs varied from Hindu mythological stories to Mughal Darbar paintings and from gods to contemporary issue. Once the border was made by the kalam, the body was painted. All this is done by hand, isn’t it amazing?
  • Hand Weaving Art – You might think which is this kind of saree. The weaving form of mine includes – the Kanchipuram saree from Tamil Nadu, the Banarasi saree is made in Varanasi- an ancient city in Uttar and the Tant Saree from Bengal known as Bengali Saree. These are all the woven form of mine. While some use pure mulberry silk thread others prefer zari and some go for muslin thread to ornament me. The design ideas also varied according to the times and area where I was created. While kancipuram style developed in south india in ancient times I was given mythological look, in case of banarasi style I was born during the Mughal times so obviously had Mughal ideas, talking about the Tant technique which also developed in medieval times had simple designs.
  • The Bandhani Version – Yes, I know most of you have it. It also called the Tie-Dye style. Bandhani version of me is very popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In this method several parts of my body are tied and them I am dipped in the desired colours, initially, I used to get a choking feeling in this process but when I looked at myself, I realised it’s worth the pain.
  • Hand Block Printing Art – Some of you might think I am mentioning this art because Pittora people asked me to. But you are wrong, this is one of the closest to my heart primarily because this form made me very popular overseas. In this process the artisans make me lie over a big table and then decorate me using wooden blocks of different designs. Simple it may sound but trust me this process is very tedious for both me and the artisan. I will share this story with you in my next blog.

So be in touch.