Saree Tales – How I Look #Sareetales

Hi All!

Hope you all are doing well. I am back with another story of my profound journey. The form of mine, which I am going to discuss with you today, is the Hand Block Print Tussar Georgette Saree. To my knowledge I have not come across any Hand-Block Print Saree on Tussar Georgette Fabric. I guess these Pittora people are doing good fusions, and As I told you, the team of Pittora is in regular touch with me and they are the one who pursue me to be more social and interactive, although I cannot deny the fact that even I myself love to communicate my feeling and memories with you all. Since our bond is becoming more and more strong day by day, it motivates me to bring to you interesting facts to you.

So, let’s begin

First, let me tell you a bit about the fabric. The fabric used in this version of mine is Tussar- Georgette. This means that I have been made not by one but two of the finest fabrics known, both these fabrics are made from silk, this makes easier for me to grasp both of them at the same time. While Tussar is produced by the larvae of several species of silkworms, Georgette is also made by silk but is created by highly twisted yarns which makes it very close to Chiffon. So now, you got the basic difference between the two. Now once the fabric was finalised, and then I got my desired size and shape, the next step was to decorate me. The colour of my body is the most important thing. Yes, colour is also important is sarees as in you humans.

So here I was given Mustard Yellow (Sarsoon ka rang). Once the colour is done, the Pittora team start beautifying me, you know with what, Yes Hand Block Print. I must say they are very good at it.

My body was decorated with Sanganeri Floral Butti Print design in three colors and for Pallu they wanted me to look classy, so they gave me tree print along with a floral bail all over my border. I must say this Hand-Block Printing is a difficult task and opting color combinations is also hectic. As you can see there are three colors in the floral butti on my body and which means I was stamped 3 times to get this one perfect butti. The print was very much in synthesis with the colour- the Nature- friendly look. Finally, they asked me to look into the mirror. “Gosh, I look so pretty”. What you say?

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