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Saree Tales – Life is a Full Circle #Sareetales

Hello Everyone, Namaste !!

Hope you all are doing well. 

Today I will tell you how I can be philosophical yet logical. A few days back I got a call from my dear friends at Pittora. We were discussing how the pattern of businesses has changed and they asked me where I see this change is leading, in which direction. I gave it a thought and realize that the phrase, Life is a Full Circle fits the changes in trading and selling (reaching to you) of me, in my life.

Yes, I feel that in my journey things have come to the point where they initially started. Confused, well let me explain…

Let me take you back to the times where I was traded on shoulders. I know it is difficult to believe but there was a time when people use to carry me on their back or shoulders, tour with me, I have seen different roads, streets before I reached the customers. The customers use to tell the vendor, or demand to bring a particular kind of me depending on their choice and need, and in response the merchant used to carry me from their place to the customer’s place according to customer requirements. I guess it was the time when the customer was the real king and use to get things delivered any time and any place.

Then came the time where customers visited the small saree store and bought me. Most of these stores were situated in close vicinity of the buyer and the buyer and seller had a very friendly relation. I was happy during this period also as buyer and seller used to discuss me a lot, it made me feel good.

Following came the phase of big showrooms, I liked it the least primarily because of limited interaction between people. It had a very formal approach, as people use to come to select me out of huge options and without admiring me much PURCHASED me and GO.

But as I said earlier life is a full circle, because we land on the same point from which we started, or we can say How History Repeats itself. As now it the phase where the vendor gets the order as per the customer requirement and market demand and the member of the merchant team carries me to the buyer or customer. But yes, now not on shoulders as we have automobiles in this era. So that old style of selling has come again, that is, Customer place their order and seller get me delivered at the place of their choice any time.

Now you agree with Life is a Full Circle concept.

One of the good examples of today’s era selling is PITTORA, yes right my favorite website www.pittora.com as they have options available in fabrics, prints and even they customize as per your (customer’s) requirement. If you don’t believe me then try it yourself.

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