Dabu Hand-Block Process
Dabu Hand-Block Process

Saree Tales – My Dabu Hand-Block Version #Sareetales

Hello Pals!

Here I am back with yet another story of my very own journey. Hope you remember last; we discuss my experience in the Sanganeri Hand-Block print process and today I will share with you another process in the art of Hand-Block printing The Dabu Hand-Block printing. It is one of the finest arts of Hand-Block printing and involves the Mud resistance technique.

But before starting do tell me know don’t you have or want to have one of those Indigo style of me. I am smart, I know the answer because at times people come to me and ask me to go with them, as whenever they see my dabu indigo style they go crazy and wants to have me. So, I always suggest them to purchase me from Pittora, as you also know they are the best in Hand Block Printing.

Now come back to my story. I must confess that the Indigo version is very
famous form of mine and is prepared at a place called Bagru in Rajasthan. This is a very special art of Hand Block Printing and I am super existed in sharing you this story as I like this process very much myself. Firstly, I must tell you want all ingredients are used for making an indigo dabu form of me. The main thing is a mixture of black clay, gum (gondh) the adhesive and lime is prepared, this mixture takes days to become a proper paste which is used for printing. Second is wheat waste known as bhusaa
which is used while printing.

At the day of printing I in the very base colour (white) is made to lie on a huge table same as in other Block Print process. Then the desired wooden block is dipped in the natural black clay paste prepared earlier is stamped on me according to the design required and with this I become black and white like old movies. You might think where indigo colour is in this black and white and to this I will say – have patience it is not what you see at first, Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!!!

The printing is done in a fashion where the wooden block dipped in the mud is placed than the wheat waste or bhusaa is sprinkled on me so that I don’t mix with other print pattern. Once the mud dipped wooden blocks are placed all over me to get the desired pattern, I am made to dry in the sun. After drying I am dipped in a large utensil filled with Indigo colour, Yes, now we have the indigo colour in picture.

I am soaked in his colour for some time, I am a good swimmer indeed. After doing a lot of swimming I am brought out and dried again…PHEWWWW……

The parts where the block was placed earlier turn white and the rest of the
body gets Indigo colour. Interesting right? This is known as dabu mud resistance printing. One of the natural printing styles. The process is as beautiful as the print. Your appreciation should be for both of them.

I will get back to you with new stories. Keep in touch.

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