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Saree Tales – My happy mood in lockdown #Sareetales

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great.

So here, we meet again. Did you Missed me??

I am in quite a happy go merry mood today. Yes, I know you can sense it, but what you don’t know is the reason behind it. Any guesses?

Imagine you found out that you are your parent’s favourite child or that of all the employees your boss thinks you are the best. Now you can feel the same excitement as I am feeling today.  Not that my parents or my boss feels that I am the best, since I don’t have either of them. Come on, you knew that.

Then why am I happy? Well, it’s kind of same. Since we all are inside our house due to the lockdown and do not have much to do, so I called up my friends at Pittora and was telling them how I am getting bored. They suggested me to contact my friends and learn about their good health, I liked their idea and contacted some people, Yes, I do know people. As we were discussing other things and were confessing how much we miss each other, I realised  that of all the clothing and attires they have they miss me the most because according to them they love me the most. Did you hear that people said they LOVE ME, Yay!!!! This makes me go beyond the seventh cloud.

No, no… they did not said that because they were talking to me, I mean they don’t have to please me unnecessarily, I am not human who need to be appreciated every now and  then to maintain good terms with them, besides I can very well sense when someone is bluffing, I have got quite an experience.

So, the thing is most of the people said that they think I am far better an attire then the rest as I am not only comfortable but wearing me adds an extra grace to their personality.

According to others they get more respect when they wear me. Oh, now that is music to my ears. 

One of my friends who stay outside India told me how her young daughter emphasises on wearing a saree to boast among her friends.

Some of my friends from the fashion industry, (you see I have got contacts) said that I am in great demand in the fashion world, as fashion may come, fashion may go, but saree goes forever.

Wow, all this make me feel so very happy and proud of myself…. I want to pat my back… WOW SAREEE

This lockdown has helped all of us to get some extra time to look on to ourselves, nurture our relations, think of other important things which for some or the reason got ignored.

For me this proved to be a blessing in disguise. I never got the time earlier to know what my people think of me. But now I know that all people want to say is East or West Saree is the Best.

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