Sanganeri Hand-Block Process
Sanganeri Hand-Block Process

Saree Tales – My Sanganeri Hand-Block Version #Sareetales

Hello Pals!

How are you all? In my earlier blog I promised that I will be writing a separate story about Hand-Block printing Process. As you know Hand-Block printing process is one of the oldest forms of textile printing. So, here I am with that story of mine.

Hand Block Print is very famous in states of Rajasthan and Jaipur. Since the art is very extensive, we will discuss it in parts, otherwise I will get tired and you will get bored.

Let’s start with my story of getting a Hand-Block print form of Sanganer (Rajasthan). This art is commonly known as the Sanganeri Hand Block Print process, the name is given on the place where it is done.

Well we will not go in the details of the process, as I want you to know my experiences.

The process begins with dying of me in a huge drum. Then the artisans take me in the sun and request me to dry. Once I am all dry, they ask me to lie down on a huge table, the table usually has a mattress kind of thing for me lie. Then my corners are made to stick to the table with the help of all-pins, yes, you are right I am very much nailed. Now I guess you can imagine what all I have to go through to get your love and attention.

Now talking about the interesting part, once I get properly attached to the table, wooden blocks dipped in colours are placed on my body one by one. Let me explain, to get a single color motif on me I am stamped with the wooden block one time but if am getting a multicolour motif than to get one motif I am stamped several times, which means to get a beautiful form of me I undergo so much of stamping pain. Not only me who undergoes pain but the artisan who adorns me also suffers tremendous hand pain due to continuous stamping. So now whenever you see a hand-block printed version of mine, you can relate to the hard-work I have gone through. But here I would like to thank the artisans and hand-block printers for the love and care they show while preparing me. It is somewhere because of this love that I get strength of going through all the pain during this process.

While I am under the process of hand-block printing I may times gets curious and try to move to see myself by lifting my head or moving my body or pallu in the air, but the artisan would not allow me to do so. At times I spend couple of days lying there on the table. However, once the body is done, than the time comes for my pallu making and I must tell you this is my favourite part. Although I like my whole body, but I love my pallu the most. Please do not judge me, as all of us like some part of our body more than other parts. Now once my pallu is done, I am made to dry once again in direct sunlight, just imagine how I feel thirsty and tired.

Once I am completely dried, I am made to go to the steaming and curing centre, where curing and steam done on me to give me a proper finishing. I cannot explain what I go through. At times I decide I would never become a saree, but when I finally see myself then I feel how pretty and attractive I look, which makes me realise the pain was worth it. Would you like to try one of my hand-block print form of me and let me know how you feel?

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