Saree Tales – My Shades, the Dhoop-Chaav Look #Sareetales

Hello Saree Lovers, 

Welcome back.

Hope you all are doing well.

What is life? 

Don’t take me wrong, I am not in a mood of philosophy but definitely I want to talk something about life. I know the topic might sound a bit boring, but I want you to know how to be happy and have the zeal to live in the ups and downs in life.

You might be thinking what a saree can tell us about life, saree a non-living piece of fabric …… hmm……

You are forgetting I am indeed 5000 years old and as all of you know few of my experiences, but yes my life is very different from yours as you don’t get worn by anyone, neither are you printed nor bought and off course you don’t have to live in cupboards and shelfs.

I know we all have some or the other experiences which are related to other’s experiences too, although we are so unrelated but still, we have related experiences. Like, there are certain things that are very common, for example even I face colour preferences. YES, now you got it.

I love all the colors varieties of me but few people like dark colours on me other prefer lighter ones. Ultimately, it is difficult to say which colour is better, as all of them are beautiful. However, people have their own preference at times, 

  • according to the occasion they want to wear me, 
  • according to the skin colour of the person
  • according to the colour variety of me which they don’t have in their collection.
  • according to how I look, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Anyway, I don’t care about this as I am happy, they like me and adore me.

Although I don’t have such demands about my colour but sometimes, they do put extra pressure on me to look in a particular shared, this makes me nervous and make me think, that will people like my colour today or not. Trust me, it is not easy to take too much pressure, as more the pressure more the wrinkles, I mean stress.Being under tremendous pressure I came up with an idea. OH YES, I do have brains and with my intelligence I develop the concept of Dhoop-Chaav (Dark-Light), here I am half-dark and half-light.

With this I make many people happy, as people who like darker shades are attracted to me and even who like lighter colors are also my fan. Creating a perfect example of Beauty with Brains, now you agree, What Say Peps????

Don’t get confused, I am the same, I just modified myself according to demand., trend and situation. This Dhoop-Chaav concept is one more variety of me and I suggest all of you to have one of this kind of me.

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I know you must be thinking how this shading story of me is a lesson for life?? I tell you in life there are times where you cannot make everyone happy but by doing some alterations and modifications you can enjoy your life and can make others happy to. After all, our happiness is in our hands. So be positive, think of new ideas and win over.

The dhoop-chaav concept is very well adopted by these Pittora founders, as they are continuous putting their efforts to make me and you happy. So, shop the latest Dhoop-Chaav Hand-Block Print collection available at Pittora.

With this positive note, I take your leave.