Ethnic Apparels with Natural Colors
Ethnic Apparels with Natural Colors

Rangwali Pittora

Pittora has brought the bright sense of Holi colors in the form of Apparels.
Celebrate the festival and Go natural this HOLI by not just playing but also
wearing these vivid colors. Choose natural, environmental-friendly, bright and exquisite Colourful clothes of Pittora and make them a part of your daily life. Holi or Rangwali Holi is a synonym of colors, where Rangwali literally means, one who is completely immersed in colors. Here at Pittora, we are making continuous efforts towards making your life colourful and want to present these vibrant and natural colors to you and make you a Rangwali.

Pittora’s Natural & Skin Friendly Colourful Sarees

Become a mirror of energy, colors and style by wearing the Ranges (Colors) of Pittora. Pittora works on the idea of fusion, the fusion of colors and love same as the concept of Holi a ‘festival of Colours’ and ‘festival of Love’. In Holi, Gulal (dry powder color) is the main element for playing Holi and natural dyes are the main ingredient which are used to design Pittora products and these products are crafted with love and warmth. Colors and Spirit of Indian Culture is brought to you in the form of handmade clothing as Pittora uses colors and dyes for printing which are made from natural things, like, the colour Yellow associated with fertility is made from Haldi(turmeric); colour Red, Pink, a symbol of auspiciousness is made from dried flowers and root of the madder plant or Manjistha; Orange is linked with joy which is made from Saffron and Manjistha; blue or indigo color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom is made from Indigo Indigofera a flowering plant; alum and RatanJot or Alkanet for grey which is timeless; fermented syahi for black a symbol of power; Harda and Punica granatum (pomegranate) or Anar skin for Greenish yellow which is related to growth, freshness, and fertility. Some natural items like Harda, Davaade ke phool or medicine flower are used as colouring agent, to change the base colour, add extra lustre to the fabric and as catalyst to get brighter hues in printing, same as Gulal is made from flowers or herbs and has its importance in Holi and our lives. Pittora works on eco-friendly concept and for this we choose pure fabric over synthetic and natural colors over synthetic or machine made colors same as Holi, marking the triumph of good over Evil. These synthetic items are harsh for your skin and nature. Choose good and natural/nature-friendly colored products to pamper your skin and environment around you.

Make everyday vibrant and colourful

Add colors to your life by picking Hand-Picked, Hand-Made and Hand-Block Printed products of Pittora.