Wooden Blocks used for Handblock print
Wooden Blocks used for Handblock print

The Block Tales

Hi All!

How are you?
I am Wooden Block. Many of you must have heard about me, others might have no idea who I am. Almost all of you must have seen the famous Hand Block Printing Fabric. I am the old Wood block used in the age-old Hand Block textile printing process.
Yes, now you got me. The textile Hand Block Printing process is not possible about me. So today I will tell you about myself.

My Story

You must be thinking why all of a sudden after so many years I thought of sharing my story. Well, my old friend saree called up, she said that there is a Company named Pittora and its founders are very much interested in Hand Block Print art. They are popularising our old glory. She told me how they contacted her, and she is very happy to share her story through Pittora and suggested that even I should share my experiences.
Initially, I was a little sceptical about the whole idea but now I feel that even I can give it a try and revisit my life’s journey once again.

However, before sharing my story with anyone else I wanted to share it with those who have loved me so much for all these years.
Therefore, without wasting any time further here I share my journey

Let us begin..

My Name is Wooden Block. I am primarily used in Hand Block Print process. This art is very common in areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat. My earliest memory dates around 12 th century when this art of Hand Block Print started becoming popular in the western coast of India. Later the art become a part of the Royal lifestyle and Hand Block Print cloths were regarded a must in Royal Processions. With the advent of the British Hand Block Printing, art reached new heights.

It was from there that the craft started becoming popular in masses along with the classes. Now common people started showing their interest in us. Although the process is majorly, printing work but I form the very base of it. It is in me that people put all their designing. Because the better I look the better the art comes on cloth.

It is the reason why the artisans have tried to bring the contemporary art on me like – Royal Rajasthani Motifs, Mughal Motifs, Flora and Fauna etc. Besides, people have also tried to beautify me according to their regional tastes like Sanganeri designs, Bagru designs, Ajrak designs etc.

Apart from making my use in the printing process, people often like to keep me as showpieces in their homes and offices. Believe me I have heard many praises from the mouth of locals as well as foreigners. In addition, trust me I have travelled a lot more counties than you can imagine.

So, now you have a brief idea about my journey. I will continue sharing my adventures with you. Keep in touch.