Saree Tales – The Pallu of Saree #Sareetales

Hello Peps!

Hope you people are doing well.

As you all know I try to bring to you, memories which I think are interesting from my life journey.  Today I want to share with you the story of mine, which is one of the interesting stories. Usually I share stories of my prints and making with you, but today I will tell you how one day I was amazed to see myself. Come on guys, I am not boasting about myself, but it happened to me for the first time. If you don’t believe me, then read this experience and decide on your own.

Okay let me share the story with you. One day I was in the sun, drying myself and I was admiring the beauty of the nature, the birds, the trees around suddenly my sight fell on my pallu. Wow, I said to myself. It’s not that I have not seen a pallu before, come-on it is very own part of my body and although my whole body was made of the famous mud resistant Indigo Dabu print. Off course my body looked pretty, after all  who doesn’t like the beautiful and stylish Dabu indigo natural print, but the twist is  this time my Pallu look was breath-taking. After seeing this ravishing Pallu of me I could never imagine, that how a Pallu can be so attractive and  beautiful, I could not take my eyes of, as my Pallu was decorated with Kalamkari peacock design. Can you imagine? A beautiful multicolour Kalamkari Peacock on an Indigo version of me.

I guess you cannot image this… I was new to me too. An amazing fusion of Indigo Dabu and Kalamkari hand-work.

The pallu is usually considered the face of me and people do a lot of creativity to make it look nice. However, this time I found my pallu to be of KALAMKARI art on Dabu base, means my whole body was of Dabu but my face (pallu) of Kalamkari. These Pittora people leave no stone unturned to glorify me. I guess I am so Honoured that these Pittora guys have opted me as one of their main apparel. I love them

I so excited that I am looking at my beautiful and creative pallu again and again. Now I come to know how so one get fall in love at first site. I have always adored my pallu but this version is, I don’t know what to say as I have already had a lot of Kalamkari versions but seeing Kalamkari face on a Dabu body was a big surprising for me.

Nevertheless, I hope Pittora people keep on surprising us in all good ways in days to come.

So, I bid you all goodbye and promise to return with another interesting story.

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