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The Saree Tale

Hi All!

Last month the founders of Pittora came to me and told me that they want to give the Life Time Achievement Award for the most graceful feminine garment to me, The Saree. I was astonished by this recognition; they asked me to share my life story, so here I am presenting before you my tale in my word –

My Story

Everything born on this planet has a story of its own, unheard and unnoticed till it is shared. My story is very simple but is undoubtedly unique. The main reason behind me sharing this tale of mine is to make you aware of the long path that I have covered and how far I wish to go. I am narrating you my story, my life, my journey because I want you to cherish me.

So, let us begin..

Centuries have passed since my birth in this world. It has been that long that I do not exactly remember the date of my birth, but knowers believe that I am around 5000 years old, that means I am older than the oldest person you know, now show some respect. But the place of birth I clearly remember is Indian Sub-continent. People say that they have read about me in the Vedas.

Some say that I was born primarily because in ancient times stitching a fabric was thought to be impure. My birth was primarily for the Women, although men helped in my creation but they could not have me. During the initial phase of my life, I was all alone as my companions the blouse and the petticoat came to life much later. During this time women use to wear me all by myself and even than I was considered a very modest attire, you know those were the times when respect was in the eyes and according to the cloths you wear.

Anyways let us move ahead, with the coming together of people of different
civilizations my identity got new meaning. The Greeks brought with them the belt/ Kamarband to be worn with me on the waist, the Persians guided the concept of stitching and this finally got me my new friend, yes you are right I got the Blouse/ jacket/ waistcoat. I was very happy as now I had somebody to talk to, some body I matched with and someone who would always be there with me.

However, as you know I live in a very large geographical region and people of different areas have different choices. I was allowed to have my friend Blouse only in areas of Rajputana and Punjab and was left all alone particularly in areas Bengal and Orissa. Times passed and my loneliness kept holding me until the advent of the British. In-spite of the fact that the British- Raj proved fatal for the entire country it was a blessing in disguise for me, where I was longing for just one friend, I got two yes you heard right I got my both and only lifelong friends Blouse and Petticoats during the British Period. Now the three of us stay together and have a blast. However, I also have other friend like- ornaments, footwear but blouse and petticoats are what you call my BFFs.

Times have changed, dynasties have gone clothing have changed but your love and admiration for me continues to be there.