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When you buy from us, you make a family Rise,
All our products are the original hand-block print specimens. This art of Hand-Block Print which is also called the Royal art of Rajasthan is mostly a family occupation. An entire family’s survival, growth and sustainment is dependent on this one craft. Most of these families are into this profession from generations together and have no other means of livelihood than Hand-Block Printing. Mostly this Hand-Block Print is found in the rural areas where job opportunities are negligible and people are dependent on either farming or craft like these. Since Rajasthan is a dry state, dependency on the crafts increases substantially.
So, when a product of Hand-Block Print is purchase by you, however big or small it is, it adds up to the family income. Buying one product from us brings you closer to one whole family and at times entire community. Think about it……!!!!

When you buy from us, you make an artisan Strive,
An art is nothing but a reflection of the artisan’s soul. An artist is someone who loves his art and is proud of it. The same is the case of Hand-Block Print artisans. These artisan’s despite of all the hardships have continued to shower this art with their love and affection. Some of them for more than 40-50 years are in the same profession and refuse to let their age come in between their art and them. The main reasons these artisans are still into this art is because of their love and passion for Hand-Block Printing. Even after facing lot of challenges from other inferior forms of printing (which are not only cheaper but also easier to do) because they feel that till they are alive they will continue to serve Hand-Block Printing process which they have inherited from their forefathers.
So, when you buy from us you motivate an artisan who refused to give up on his/her art and is continuously trying to strive against all odds because somewhere down his heart he/she knows that people like YOU will love his work and will always love his work.

When you buy from us, you let Art Thrive,
Art is the essence of every society. It is the art which helps us understand the history, lifestyle, thinking, tradition etc of a society. When art vanishes somewhere the society starts to fade away. So, it is our duty and obligation to protect the various art forms of our society.
Hand-Block Print is an age-old craft, which reached its zenith during medieval times and still persists. Although with the change in times and mechanisation of various forms of printing the Hand-Block Print is facing stiff challenges and is almost on the verge of decline. This is up to us to let the art like Hand-Block Printing decline or give our next generation our unique artworks.
So, when you buy from us you help this unique Art flourish and help in its rejuvenation.

When you buy from us, you make culture Alive.
India is a land of culture. Tales of the richness of Indian culture are known and fascinated by all. Our ideas, beliefs, customs, traditions, diversity are all cherished by the world. However, we consciously or unconsciously we are moving away from our roots.
With the changes in the lifestyles and technology and increase in our global reach it is important to match the pace of the changing world but what is more important is that we acquire new things without losing our originality.
So, when you buy from us you get connected to your own culture and this connection keeps the culture ALIVE.

When you buy from us, you help us Survive.
We at Pittora are making genuine efforts to bring this culturally rich art of Hand-Block Print to you. We have small team of great artisans of the craft who make constant efforts to bring this royal art of Hand-Block Print to you.
So, when you buy from us you help us get motivated to work hard to bring this art of Hand-Block Print directly to you. Your buying is not only important for our survival but also for the survival of our artisans who need your attention. Every art’s survival is dependent on the love it gets from it admires. Do keep admiring us and we will pass all the storms.

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